Mobile Grooming and Dog Exercise Service!

With a simple email, your dog could be out and about getting the walk he’s been waiting for and you don’t even have to leave the office to do it! That’s the beauty of today’s technology driven life, almost any service you want or need is out there, just waiting to make your day easier and more convenient. My name is Candy Allison and I run Beautiful Dogs, a mobile service that grooms and walks dogs of any size and breed. Home base for this business is located in Saint Albans, West Virginia but am more than willing to travel to neighboring towns. I started this company all by myself only a few years ago and since have built a happy customer base. I have four mobile vehicles with licensed groomers and experienced walkers, most of which being both. Now you don’t have to worry whether or not you have time to give your pet the exercise it needs because Beautiful Dogs has you covered. For new customers we even have amazing perks. We are so confident in our abilities that a basic walk for first timers is completely free!

Exercise Service

Dog exercise is extremely important for maintaining health and through email you can book as little as a twenty minute walk to a one hour, high intensity workout for your energetic pup. In all of our vehicles we have obstacle course equipment and toys at the ready! You can also choose how often you’d like us to visit. Some clients need us five days a week and others only one of two days. It’s all about what you need and what is best for your schedule. A few of my employees are certified trainers as well so if extra training is something that you’re interested in, just ask and we can go over all the details.

Grooming Service

Our vehicles are essentially dog salons on wheels. With full sized tubs and cutting stations, there is a ton of room to work with. The nice thing is, we can park just right outside your home so your animal isn’t stressed about a car ride to an unknown place. We pay extra attention to nervous animals as well and are calm and patient, going at the pace of the dog. Moving too fast can result in an accident and I’m happy to say that Beautiful Dogs has never had one before. From simple baths to full on wash, cut and styling, there is almost nothing we can’t do. We even cut and paint nails if that’s something you’re into. Don’t hesitate! If you’d like to book an appointment or have any questions, please check out my Contact Candy page. Thanks for choosing Beautiful Dogs mobile grooming and exercise service, looking forward to working with you!